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Welcome to my collection of Pentax cameras and exposure meters. The intention of this website is not to provide all information about all Pentax cameras ever made, there are better sources for that. Instead I simply liked the idea of taking pictures of my cameras and share it with the world outside. ;-)

Anyway I think the section about Asahi exposure meters is quite complete, but I did not want to make a website about Spotmeters only, so I decided to put my cameras on the website as well.


The images on this website are copyrighted by the author. The use of any of the images on this website is prohibited without prior permission from the author.


There are some really good resources about Pentax cameras. First of all I like to mention "The ultimate Asahi Pentax Screw Mount Guide" by Gerjan van Oosten, a great book about all Asahi screw mound cameras, which is unfortunately no longer available new.

I also recommend Bojidar Dimitrov's Pentax K-Mount Page, a great website about Pentax K-Mount cameras.

Frank Mechelhoff hast an amazing site about Pentax and other cameras.

II you are interested in old Pentax Spotmeters check out James Ollinger’s, Michel Carrère-Gée's and Dave Schneller’s sites.

A couple of free Pentax manuals are available at Michael Buktus' site.

Also there is a great Facebook group about old Pentax Cameras.

Not to forget the most complete site about the LX.

Everything else

Moste of the pictures on this website were taken with the excellent smc Pentax-FA 2.8 50mm Macro and a Pentax K 5 II.

Oh, and that's me. Nope! It's not a Pentax. It's an Agfa. But the picture was taken with a Spotmatic. ;-)



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