My Pentax


Pentax Spotmatic

In the early 80’s my father gave his old Spotmatic SP500 to me, which became my first camera. Unfortunately the light meter switch got lost and the repair would have been more expensive than buying another used Spotmatic, so I got an SPII which served me well for a couple of years. Since I often wanted to switch between color and b/w films, I bought a used ESII, liked the aperture priority and bought another ESII… The beginning of a camera collection. I used Pentax M42 cameras until I could afford a used LX in the late 90’s.

In 1964 Asahi Optical introduced its first camera with a built in TTL exposure meter: The Pentax Spotmatic.
All SP models used working aperture metering until 1973 when the Spotmatic F with full aperture metering was introduced.
A Spotmatic was my first camera and I still like its simplicity but also its perfection.

Pentax Spotmatic

Early example with small exposure meter switch.
1964 - 1974

Pentax Spotmatic black

Well worn example of a black Spotmatic. Funny enough this camera is in perfect working order.
1964 - 1974

Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic Motor Drive

Motor Drive version of the Spotmatic
Honeywell was the US distributor of the Spotmatic and the cameras imported were labeled Honeywell Pentax.

Pentax SL

The only Spotmatic without built in exposure meter.
1968 - 1974

Pentax SP II

My first own camera.
1971 - 1973

Pentax SP 500

1971 - 1974

Pentax Electro Spotmatic (ES)

1971 Asahi Optical introduced the Pentax Electro Spotmatic, a model with an electric shutter, full aperture metering and an aperture priority program mode. The Electro Spotmatic is identical to the ES. In 1973 the improved ESII was introduced. All ES models provide full aperture metering. Shutter speeds from 1/60 to 1/1000 sec. work even without battery power.

Pentax Electro Spotmatic

1971 - 1973

Pentax ES

1971 - 1973

Pentax ES II

My working horses for years.
1973 - 1975