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Pentax K-Mount Cameras

My first K-Mount camera was a Pentax LX. Later I acquired a MX as a spare body before I changed to digital and started collecting cameras.

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Pentax K

In 1975 Asahi Optical introduced a new line of cameras with the new K bayonet mount. The K-Series had four different models, the K2, KX, KM and K1000, plus some motordrive versions.

Pentax K2

The K2 was the top model when the K-Series was introduced in 1975. I featured aperture priority or manual mode, an electronic controlled metal shutter that even works without battery in manual mode, DOF preview, and mirror lock-up.
In 1976 Asahi Optical added a motordrive version, the K2 DMD.
1975 - 1977

Pentax M

When introduced in 1976, the M-Series were the smallest SLR available.

Pentax MX

A wonderful mechanical camera. Manuel mode only, silk shutter.
1976 - 1985

Pentax ME Super

Aperture-priority and manual operation
1980 - 1986

Pentax LX

In my opinion Pentax masterpiece. Interchangeable viewfinders, hybrid shutter, mechanical construction, mirror lockup, TTL flash, off-the-film metering and much more. Truly a “pro” camera.

Pentax LX

1981 - 2001

Pentax LX accessories

Strap Locks

Pentax A

Pentax Super A

1983 - 1985

Pentax A3

1984 - 1985

Pentax P

Pentax P30

1985 - 1988